What is Happiness to You?

What is Happiness to You?

Full Moon Newsletter

This month is another Super Full Moon. Go check it out in the night sky if the clouds will let you. This month I want to share with you a video on Happiness. It is titled “What is Happiness?”. Spend 4 minutes watching it.

February Full Moon Blog

February 20 update.

Firstly, a quick activity for you:

Think, what does happiness mean to you? Who comes to your mind, what things are you doing when you think of yourself as happy? Spend more time with those people (if you can) and more time doing those activities! Now…

What is Happiness to you?

He starts by asking, what is well-being? When do you truly feel well? It is when you are very happy. Even if you are medically diagnosed as ill, if you are happy you are feeling well-being. So fundamentally well-being means having a certain level of happiness. I especially like the part about how children see happiness. When you are a child someone has to make you unhappy, or you are happy. Now as an adult, someone has to make you happy, or you are probably unhappy. Our expectations are different of what the world will give to us as adults. But this is not correct, happiness comes from within.

Over the next few months Fifth Elemental Healing will start to make a shift towards Happiness and Joy as healing. More information to come soon!

Enjoy the video.

So much love and blessings to you all. Namaste.

Happy March!


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