The Benefits of Energy Healing – How Can Energy Healing Help?

Energy Healing Benefits are varied and numerous. What is Energy healing and what are the Energy Healing benefits? 

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing benefits - Chakras imageEnergy Healing is a natural therapy which can have astounding results. It has many benefits. When you go down to the smallest parts of every cell and atom we are all just vibrating energy. Science knows this. Everything is in fact Energy. Everything that you see as “solid” (including us) is in fact energy vibrating when you zoom right in. So it is Energy changes in your body that help to change you from within.

Energy Healing changes your body, and the energy in it to help heal your physical body, your emotions from the past and your reactions to your present relationships.

Energy Healing Benefits:

What can Energy Healing do for you?*

  • Improves specific health issues – i.e. phsyical pain, reducing healing time of injuries (burns, wounds, post-surgery healing), female hormonal balancing for PMS and your moon cycle regularity
  • Releases limiting beliefs you hold about yourself – i.e. money beliefs, beliefs about your weight or diet, self-worth, beliefs about your illness
  • Improves overall general wellbeing
  • Weight loss (if desired)
  • Helps you let go of fear and concerns – reduce that stress and worry!
  • Address digestion issues, allergies and dietary concerns
  • Balances emotions you experience now, by addressing your past, so you are no longer reacting (without thought), but responding appropriately to experiences
  • Improves the relationships in your life – your partner, parents and children, work colleagues or boss.
  • Always works with any medications you already use. You can continue to follow your health care practitioners advice alongside Energy Healing.
  • So much more!

*These Energy Healing benefits are all things I have personally seen improve in my clients, myself and those I know with Energy Healing. 

Client Testimonials

My appointments

The style of Energy Healing that I utilise in our appointments can do so much because it acts to actually change your thought patterns and beliefs you have. Once you change your thoughts about who you are, what your body is capable of and how you can really achieve better health in your life then you can start to see the results before you. Energy Healing benefits most people in fact. Contact me if you want to know if Energy Healing can help you. Energy Healing is something that really needs to be experienced to understand what it is like and the results you really will see in your life.

What about the price?

What is your health and happiness worth? I believe what I offer is very well priced for the results that I see in my clients. I also include Life Coaching and guidance in appointments, and compared to many Life Coaches out there my prices are very reasonable. Think about the costs of all your medications or doctor appointments for pain or illness you currently spend. It adds up! Get healthy for once and for all. I also never try to push you into weekly sessions. I have a 7 appointment package which helps reduce per-appointment cost, but it has no expiry and I allow you to use it in your own time as you feel you need to. It is important to me you follow your own path of wellbeing and guidance on when you need follow-up appointments, although I may occasionally send reminder and check-in emails to see how you are going.

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