Transform Your Life with Spiritual Guidance

For some people, the word spiritual can have an uncomfortable connotation, and even more so the word “god”. Most religions are founded on spiritual values, yet they also have rules and often division and consequences, fears and judgment; which are human-made beliefs instilled upon “god”.

Spiritual Women Holding the Sun.

What is being spiritual?

In simple terms, I see being spiritual as having a sense that there is something greater than yourself. To me, spirituality is the connection we have to each other and to everything around us. I see spirituality as being based on the energetic nature of the universe and everything in it, including your own body. I also perceive it as the belief in consciousness beyond our physical world.

I offer spiritual guidance and spiritual healing. This to me is about you connecting with your own spirituality. As a spiritual healer and spiritual life coach, I look not to instil my views upon you, but to share some of what I know and to allow you to find what is right for you. Within you, you can find the way you want to live your life and your own belief systems. I never say there is only one way to be or do. And I actually run the other way when I hear people teaching like that. Because every way is correct, if it is right for you. No one can choose that for you. Using your own intuition, passions and joyful emotions allows you to easily find what is right for you in your life at this moment, and also what is not right for you. We each need to follow what is right for us at that time.

Although I am spiritual, I follow no particular system of faith and worship. My Spiritual Coaching and Vibrational Energy Healing is open to all faiths and religious beliefs.

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Spiritual Healing is about love for yourself and love for others. Spiritual healing allows you to be more open to higher perspectives and to strengthen your own connection to your higher psychic senses. It also allows you to heal what is holding you back from moving forward and to change limited patterns of beliefs and behaviour so you can create new thoughts and habits that align with your dreams.

Intuition is a strong way back to our own spiritual selves

Being spiritual doesn’t have to be associated with a religion (either one you grew up with, or found later in life), although for some people it is.

84% of the world’s population believes in something greater than themselves – they have faith in something outside of them.

There are many religions and ancient cultures with similar beliefs and similar ideas and ties. How is it that these ancestors who never would have had the ability to connect with each other physically have similar spiritual beliefs? An example is the creation story – how the religion or culture believe we came into being. From the Australian Aboriginals, to the Cherokee in America and those in West Africa and through Europe, great similarities can be found.

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I believe one reason for this was because our intuition was far stronger then. We were more connected to the earth and everything around us, to spiritual energy and to ourselves. Spiritual guides and spiritual healers can help you find your way back to this. This connection in the past gave us the ability to intuitively know what would help us to survive, to live better and what was true. Even though humans interpreted their own version by what they could perceive of it, and may have lost some truth along the way.

Using intuition in our everyday lives allows us to make healthier decisions for ourselves – that’s spiritual, physical, emotional and mental ones. As a spiritual life coach, I offer appointments that have a focus on expanding your own intuition and inner-knowledge.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

This is the way forward for humanity. Not necessarily to listen directly to minor groups in government, or what is being broadcast via the media (which can be very biased in negativity). But for each of us to follow our own inner-knowing about what is right and the way we need to live as a whole. When more people everywhere have this knowledge, then decisions for groups on a global level can be considered, not for only certain populations. But firstly, we must start with ourselves. We need to have happy lives so we can show others that they can have that too.

Eight simple ways for spiritual practice

Spiritual Forest


  • Living in the present (not the past or future)
  • Meditation
  • Spending time or finding appreciation in nature
  • Prayer
  • Energy healing and energy practices
  • Keeping a daily gratitude diary
  • Being open to spiritual healing
  • Showing love for someone you may normally disagree with (personally or globally)

Exploring your spirituality can allow you to better understand your life purpose and develop more compassion for those around you, that’s why I offer spiritual guidance. It helps you to know that what appears as challenges in your life are actually ok. They are one moment in time (even if it feels like a really long moment!) and things will change and can get better. It also allows you to know that there is help from places we can’t physically see, if we only ask and we know how to listen to the answer.

Research has shown that people that have or practice a faith tend to cope better with trauma and hardships and recover sooner.

Let me offer you spiritual guidance, Vibrational Energy Healer and spiritual life coach to help you connect back with your true inner-being and live a more fulfilling life with more inner-strength and inner-guidance.

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