Life Coaching for Direction, Purpose and Health

Rachael Ralli is a certified Life Coach. She specialised in Life Purpose Coaching in her studies. She offers Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching and Health Coaching. Appointments can be specifically Life Coaching focused, but more often, Rachael uses her Life Coaching skills in her Vibrational Energy Healing appointments. Energy Healing and her counselling skills allow you to release energies and old thought patterns, as well as old beliefs from your life. Life Coaching then directs you for the steps you need to take to move forward with ease and confidence for your new chapter. The three aspects integrate together in appointments for true changes to occur in your life.

Certified Life CoachSpiritual Life Coaching

I offer Spiritual Life Coaching in my appointments to help you on your spiritual path if you desire support and guidance for that journey. My spiritual connection was strengthened as I learnt many types of Vibrational Energy Healing and focused on my intuition for my own health and wellbeing. I have spent years specifically honing my spiritual intuition and connection. I offer channelled messages and guidance for what you need to know at this time. My intention is always only for positive connections.

Strong Spiritual Connection

From my childhood I always had a very strong spiritual connection. I knew the presence of Angels and my guides when I was under 10-15 years old, and remember conversing with them frequently. I remember them helping me in difficult times and when I was scared or alone. I was a “strange” child who kept to myself and shared my inner opinions very little with others. I also recall talking with deceased family members as a child (and do again now).

Spiritual IrelandAs I got older, into my high school years, I began to believe that none of that was true. I took a direction of Science study and no longer believed in that connection I had or that any of that was real. Although, I still knew I had good intuition which helped me in many surprising ways. And I still believed in the presence in our world of those passed over (although I never mentioned this to my science friends!). After I had many illnesses and health challenges throughout my 20s I began to come back towards finding my true self and my spiritual nature. I was forced to look beyond the very mainstream science mentality I had learnt in my schooling. I was forced to seek something more and to trust in something greater to help me overcome my health challenges. We are all spiritual energetic beings whether we know it or not. My Spiritual Life Coaching appointments never push views or values upon you. I allow you to find where your own spiritual beliefs lie and help you find what answers you are looking for. Although I am spiritual, I follow no particular system of faith and worship. My Spiritual Life Coaching and Vibrational Energy Healing is open to all faiths and religious beliefs.

Life Purpose Life Coaching

Spiritual Life CoachingI specialised in Life Purpose Life Coaching in my qualification as I felt many people are “looking for their purpose” and feel they are missing something in their life. They are seeking something more than where they are. I chose not to study further and specialise in a course focusing on Spirituality, as I already had my own strong connection. And some aspects of Spiritual Life Coaching were addressed in my Holistic Counselling Diploma qualification.

If you are specifically looking to re-discover your life passions, find your purpose or find that “missing something” in your life, Life Purpose Coaching is for you. Finding your Life Purpose doesn’t necessarily mean a change in career, although it can. It also encompasses finding your purpose and passions outside of your work and career or family life. There are too many people today who feel uninspired, and uncertain of their life and where they are. They are searching for something more. Something is missing in their life. Life Purpose Coaching can help you to connect back with your passionate, energised, enthusiastic self again. This is a very important component of living a healthy life, in body and mind.

Health Life Coaching

I also offer Health Life Coaching for improving your health! Health is one of the focusses of my business for my clients. Energy Healing used in all appointments (unless the client doesn’t want this), really helps to shift your health and mind in powerful and fast ways. This combined with intuitive guidance on the best ways for you to lead yourself back to a healthy life are offered. I originally studied in Science and worked in Science Research (biochemistry, biology, biotechnology and chemistry), so I understand the body and understand medical terms and disease from that perspective. I also understand illness from the perspective of being on the other end too! I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, many serious digestive and stomach issues ongoing for many years, as well as mental health challenges and a pituitary tumour. So I understand the hurdles you face physically, mentally and emotionally as someone facing health challenges! I offer a supportive environment for you to make the best choices you can about moving forward with the best health you can. An important aspect of facing any challenge in life, including a health challenge, is to hold positivity where you are, allow and accept what is at present, and believe that you can improve your health going forward and make your life more comfortable.

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