Achieve Peace of Mind with Healing Meditation

Achieve Peace of Mind with Healing Meditation

People often believe meditation is sitting cross-legged, your hands in a mudra, a candle burning in the background and no thoughts in your mind. In reality, there are different forms and types of meditation and they all hold benefits. While a meditation can be, it doesn’t need to be about controlling your thoughts or stopping your mind completely. Just being present is also a form of meditation. Bringing your mind to a relaxed state with positive emotions is healing. Read about healing meditation:

Healing Meditations - Child and Ape

Ten benefits of a healing meditation:

  • Creates calm and inner peace
  • Offers clarity and perspective
  • Brings you to the present
  • Speeds up healing and maintains health
  • Opens spiritual connection
  • Better circulation and energy flow and lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Improves memory and increases confidence
  • Allows emotional release and reduces tension and judgment
  • Increases sensitivity to your surroundings and your body

So how are meditations healing?

Do you know that studies have shown 1 minute of anger weakens the immune system for 4-5 hours, but one minute of a positive emotion such as laughing boosts your immune system for up to 24 hours? So being relaxed and happy strengthens your immune system and your health!

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Science has proven that our thoughts and emotions directly and instantly influence our biochemistry, and in turn this affects our body and its health. Bringing your mind to a relaxed state with positive emotions is healing. If you are stressed, worried, angry or in fear, this can affect your health over time. It is healthy to experience all these emotions throughout life, but if you are in a chronic state of negative emotions then it can be affecting your mental and physical health. Meditations are healing because you bring your mind to rest, and you are relaxed so that your body can start healing itself naturally.

Many healing meditations also include energy healing, and all my meditations do. This includes sound healing and healing energies sent to you during the meditation.

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Five easy ideas for healing meditations to get you started today:

  • Focus on your breathe. Set a timer for 2-5 minutes and see how long you can focus only on your breathe. If you relax in the goal, you will be calm by the end of it.
  • Find a guided meditation to listen to. I offer a free healing meditation when you join my mailing list or find one on YouTube, on CDs etc.
  • While you do the dishes (or another household activity) or while waiting in line focus on a positive emotion you desire. Think of a time you were so happy, or had gratitude, or felt love for something. Hold the intent and feeling of that emotion you felt and bring it to the present. Your body can’t tell the difference between an event in the present or past if you feel it now.
  • Sit outside or look out the window. Watch the leaves in the wind, any birds in the trees or other animals or insects you can spot or watch the sky and clouds. Nature is always in perfect balance, so match that feeling.
  • Laughing meditation. Even if you feel you have nothing to laugh about at this moment, bringing your body to laughter still releases the same endorphins and has health benefits. Watch a funny cat or dog video on YouTube with the intent to feel laughter in your body or a great movie you love.

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I believe the point of meditation should be, not for big things to happen IN meditation (although that can be great), but for you to attune yourself so when you go back to the fullness of your day, you feel better and can better follow your impulses. It is to make your life easier.

If you’re interested in more about healing meditation see my other blog post on types of meditations or contact me for an appointment. We can together do a guided healing meditation in a private session, or I can offer advice and tools for your own healing meditations. Any meditations or appointments I offer always include Vibrational Energy Healing.

Namaste. Rachael Ann

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