Vibrational Energy Healing

Rachael Ralli is trained and qualified in a number of Energy Healing modalities and combines these in her own unique way. Rachael is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, as well as having learnt many other Energy Healing forms to the Master-Teacher level. She previously taught Reiki and Ashati Energy Healing to students. Rachael also offers Holistic Counselling and Spiritual Life Coaching  in her appointments as a qualified counsellor and Life Coach. 

Energy of the Cosmos

Vibrational Energy Healing takes a holistic approach to health that looks beyond the physical. We are all made up of energy, which science understands — our bodies down to the smallest particles are nothing more than energy. Everything in our universe is energy. It only depends on how slow it vibrates as to if we see it as physical (solid) or not. Sound and light are energy; smells are made up of particles which hold energy, our emotions are also energy. We are much more than we are led to believe by current mainstream science principles (look into the work of Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and others in this field for more information). Quantum Physics is now beginning to examine this much more.

Cultures all over the world have used Vibrational Energy Healing in various forms for thousands of years (and more!) to heal themselves. I believe it was one of the first forms of “medicine” people knew. I myself used Energy Healing to overcome serious health issues (hormonal, digestive, mental and many others) gradually over many years! I also learnt that addressing emotional beliefs is very important too. I am so passionate about teaching others the importance of knowing you can improve your own health (and life) by changing your perception of our world, and showing them what our bodies really can do. Energy Healing teaches us we are not powerless victims. We each have the ability to create amazing lives with health and happiness. It is what universal balance is about.

What is Vibrational Energy Healing?

Energy Healing Atom
Everything is composed of atoms. Each of your cells have over 100 trillion atoms in them. Atoms are just positive and negative energy moving around.

As everything is made up of energy, anything that brings you healing is, in fact, a form of Energy Healing. But in holistic terms, Vibrational Energy Healing includes modalities like Acupuncture, Reflexology and Kinesiology as well as Reiki, Flower and Vibrational Essences, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Sound Healing, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Vibrational Energy Healing allows your body to heal and balance itself with the new energy supplied to it. There are many different types of healing energies for us. And in this time of awakening, more are now available to us than previously. Every illness is based on an energetic issue within your body. These healing energies help the body restore balance and wellbeing when the energetic disturbances and blockages have affected your mental, emotional and physical body.

Different healing energies have the power to affect our bodies and the healing process in different ways. Reiki is the most commonly known form of “hands-on” Energy Healing in our society, but there are also many other energies which can help us. Like everything, each has its strengths and limitations. Healing occurs on many levels — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What are the four ways Energy Healing heals you?

Healing occurs in 4 ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Physical healing clears the body’s energies helping muscles, organs and other body tissues and cells to be in their optimal condition.
  • Emotional healing releases repressed emotions, helps with emotional control and balance and assists in using emotions appropriately.
  • Mental healing brings more peace and clarity and allows a change in our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. This change allows us to manifest our desires and for us to be closer to who we want to be and create the life we desire.
  • Spiritual healing allows you to be more open to higher perspectives and to strengthen your connection to your higher psychic senses and higher self.

What type of Vibrational Healing is used in appointments?

The Vibrational Energy Healing I refer to in my work is a little bit different to a Reiki Healing. In my appointments, I offer strong Vibrational Energy Healing which combines the Energies I received from what I learnt from teachers (including Reiki), but combined with my own channelled healing energies. I also gathered many various healing energies in my travels to many sacred sites on the planet. I utilise my very strong connection to the Earth and nature, to Universal Energy, as well as my higher self and ancestors in appointments. I also use my very strong intuition to heal and connect to clients in appointments, even via distance. My knowledge of the body from a scientific level from my previous Science Research and University studies also allows me to know about the body and understand client’s conditions from a medical perspective.

What is Distance Energy Healing ?

Energy Healers can also use Distance Energy Healing. All my appointments include Distance Energy Healing live on video conference call (Zoom). I know many people, who have never tried it, are doubtful about it. So how does it work? Distance healings are just as effective as in-person healings. People are often initially very surprised by the effects they feel during and after a distance healing.

Fractal EnergyYou may ask how Distance Energy Healing could be possible. The answer is that we are so much more than our physical body. The extension of who we are is an energetic being. This energetic aspect of ourselves can be reached remotely as it has no time and space limitations like our physical bodies. I like to think of the healing energies coming from a different dimension to where we are physically. A healing practitioner, in the room with you, brings energy in through them to a person in front of them, and passes it to them. The same can be done with intent to anyone anywhere in the world.

People report that they get the same sensations of an in-person healing with distance healing. All my clients who are new to Distance Energy Healing are often amazed by how it works and what they feel. Some benefits of Distant Energy Healing appointments include that you don’t have travel time and can be relaxed in the comfort of your own home. Or maybe your children are in the next room, or you are unable to leave the house due to illness or immobility.

What will I experience in a session?

Vibrational Energy HealingAs well as an Energy Healer, I am also a qualified Holistic Counsellor and provide Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching. I consider this combination an important element of what I can offer you in our appointments together. Vibrational Energy Healing combined with purposeful discussion and guidance allows for fast shifts in what you wish to heal. Each session is always tailored to what you need. Some appointments involve more discussion, while others involve you sitting in a meditative state (or just with your eyes closed) while I send healing energy. As the vibrational healing is being sent I always describe what I am doing and what messages I am receiving. We then discuss this afterwards if there is anything you need to share or address further. These short discussions often continue intermittently throughout the healing session.

When receiving Energy Healing (in-person or via distance) you may sense the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling or a sense of a breeze over you. Or you may not feel anything. The energy is still working even if you do not sense anything. Most people do sense something happening and sense gentle shifts in their body. Energy healing is often described as very relaxing and enjoyable.

You really need to experience Vibrational Energy Healing yourself to understand its amazing capabilities.

See my Private Appointments page to see what else is offered in a private session.

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