About Rachael Ann Ralli – Her Journey

I’m Rachael Ann Ralli. My healing appointments aim to support and inspire you in knowing your own healing capability and who you can be. I help others transform themselves in a way that enriches both mind and body. I bring forth your strength and confidence for you to be living the life you want to live. I will show you how to live with more health, more joy and more passion in your life. I use Vibrational Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Holistic Counselling, meditations and spiritual guidance in appointments.

I am trained and qualified in a number of Vibrational Energy Healing modalities, and am a Reiki Master and Teacher. I have trained others in Reiki, as well as other energy healing modalities. I originally studied in Science and worked as a research scientist, before studying Holistic Counselling and also becoming a Certified Life Purpose Coach. I offer strong Vibrational Energy Healing which combines the Energies I received from what I learnt from teachers, but combined with my own channelled healing energies. I utilise my very strong connection to the Earth and nature, to Universal Energy, as well as my higher self and ancestors in appointments. I also use my strong intuition to heal and connect to clients in appointments, even via distance. I found all these abilities within myself only after my own health struggles for many years, and learning how to overcome them naturally.

A bit more about Rachael Ann

Spiritual Presenter Rachael Ann RalliI was born in a country town in Victoria and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I love all things nature as well as travel, bushwalking, yin yoga and dancing. I began my exploration into Energy Healing in my mid 20s. I discovered the benefits of complementary therapies for my own health issues, which the medical industry had not been able to diagnose and cure at the time. After many years of seeing multiple specialists in different fields – endocrinologists, dieticians, gastroenterologists, gynaecologists and others – I realised I needed to take my health into my own hands.

I studied many Energy Healing types and techniques with different Energy Healers to eventually heal most of my conditions. Throughout the years I also learnt everything I could about other modalities and topics to help overcome my illnesses and health issues. I also learnt that looking at emotions and thoughts is critical to our health. It was with support from other great healers and people that I could do this. I now offer you the support you need in your life to reach your goals too. I realised one of the most important things is living a joyful life, in as many moments as we can, and following our own intuition to lead us to that. That is the true key to a healthy life.

My primary studies included a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In University I was awarded “Top of the Class” in many of my subjects. I worked in a well-known cancer research centre and in a private biomedical company within Australia. I expanded my studies with a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and explored many other healing complementary therapies. I am also a certified Life Purpose Life Coach. I incorporate my knowledge of both the scientific and holistic health fields to help others, knowing that the two are extremely interconnected. My travels around the world strengthened my wonderful connection to nature and this planet’s healing abilities. This allowed me to know my connection to the earth and the ancient wisdom it and its people hold. I am passionate about assisting others to take control of their own lives and health by encouraging people to know how truly incredible they and their bodies are.

Universal energy is all around us – everything is made up of energy and good really can be found in everything.

I am a member of the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and hold a current Victorian Working with Children Check.

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