About Fifth Elemental Healing

Welcome! I’m Rachael Ann Ralli, the founder of Fifth Elemental Healing. I offer private appointments for Vibrational Energy Healing and guidance on how to improve your health and wellbeing in a natural and healthy way. I assist the natural energies in your body and mind, as well as your life, to shift to help you make changes for the better. Our bodies have an incredible innate (self) ability to heal themselves, if we only allow them to. I’ve experienced it myself with my own health issues! I was told I would be on some medications for the rest of my life. I was told things couldn’t be changed or healed. But I did heal those things and am medication free. I previously worked in science research for over a decade, and use my scientific medical knowledge of the body in appointments too.

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As well as being a Vibrational Energy Healer, I utilise Life Coaching and my Holistic Counselling skills as a qualified holistic counsellor. I use Life Coaching to help you find your direction, passion and joy again in your life, a critical aspect of living a healthy abundant life. Addressing past emotions and hurts can help you move forward with aspects of your life. As a healer, I offer Private Appointments to guide you in your healing and spiritual journey.

Appointments are conducted online via Zoom (like Skype) to anywhere in the world. I also sporadically offer group workshops in Melbourne, Australia. Explore the website and contact me with any queries.

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