What does 2019 Have in Store For You?

What does 2019 Have in Store For You?

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Have you set New Year intentions for yourself? How are they going? We manifest our lives around us, so set clear intentions what you want to happen in your life to create your life! And keep working on them. You need to consciously choose to take action for the life you want, not just sit by waiting. Read on to find out more.

January Full Moon Blog

January 21 update.

Happy 2019! The New Year always tends to bring a fresh mind and fresh perspectives for people. The thoughts and consciousness of many is for new goals and new intentions of the year ahead. And you can ride the wave of this energy to help you push you forwards with your goals too. So now we are already a few weeks into January, keep going.

Most importantly though, remember that we can do this every single morning! We don’t need to wait for the New Year for intentions for life changes. Every morning when you wake up, you get to decide, to consciously choose, do I want to recreate my past and the life I had yesterday or do I want to choose something different?

Now habits and routine tell us we will just recreate the past. And that’s why our lives may not change and continue on as is. And that’s the easier and usual pattern. But if you consciously make the decision that you are leaving that behind and you’ll take even baby steps every morning to make those changes, you will change. Make that decision every morning. That is why morning meditation, even for 10 minutes, can be great. It allows you to reset for your day how you want it. And your life.

Consciously make a new start each sunrise.
Start every morning, every sunrise, with new ideas, new directions and new creations.

Are you consciously creating your 2019?

I won’t talk about what 2019 holds in store for us all. Because, in reality, it holds in store for you anything that you create! We manifest the lives around us, so if you want it, work on those manifestation abilities. If you believe it, you can create it. You can book an appointment with me if you want guidance or tools for how to do this in your life.

If you want 2019 to be an amazing year, then don’t sit on the couch and wait for it. Go out, do something different to make that change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Meditate. Feel joy. Get rid of clutter – in you mind and your physical life. Spend less time with those people who don’t make you feel good. Find people who make you feel great. Do things that challange you. Show gratitude as often as you can. Love more. Be fearless, be gentle, be wounderous, be brave. This year will be whatever you make it! 2019 is your year to shine, to create consciously, to manifest the world you want around you. May it be a marvellous one!

So much love and blessings to you all. Namaste.

Happy New Year!

If you need an Energy Healing appointment or Life Coaching to help you balance your life and create new morning habits for the year ahead contact me.

Can Energy Healing help me?

Have a wonderful February.


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