Connect Back to the Natural World – Nature Heals Us

Connect Back to the Natural World – Nature Heals Us

Full Moon Newsletter

October Full Moon Newsletter

September 25 update.

Are we disconnected from the natural world? I have been reading and watching a few things lately which have said “how busy we are in the modern world”, “how disconnected we all are”. I know a lot of my peace and clarity in my life comes from connecting back to the natural world. When I have not made the time to make that connection I feel out of balance. And then I always wonder why I waited so long between visits when I get back out there. This is even with all the (many) indoor plants I have in my home, and with a lifestyle which is less structured and probably more natural than most.

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Are you connected to Nature at all?

For many in our modern society, it is true that often they may not even breathe in fresh air through the day. They awake inside with windows closed, get in their car in their garage, drive to work, and enter the building all without being outside to even feel the sun or the wind. Then they work a long day, leave when it is dark and get back in their car to go home. Or maybe to exercise in the indoor gym. They then cook a quick meal for their family indoors or tend to children in the evening, then sit in front of the TV to end the night. Then they go to bed to start again the next day on repeat. There is no connection to the natural world in this daily lifestyle.

Our Disconnection to the Natural World is making us sick

Natural World OutsideWe have mostly become disconnected from the natural world. But it is so important for your health. I believe it is one of the reasons why we have so many health issues prevalent in our society (amongst some other big factors). We have lost touch with nature, with our natural world. Nature is a natural healer. It is where we belong connected to. We evolved to be in harmony with our natural world. Even if we have forgotten, we are still a piece of that.

When you are in nature do you feel something special? I know I can. When you go out in nature you feel at peace. You connect to your spiritual self. When you are in nature you can hear the answers that you are looking for more easily. You can connect to something greater than just yourself and the chatter of the mind of where your current thoughts and beliefs are. When you are in nature you are guided by a broader perspective. And when you are out in our natural world you can honour and revere it. You can cherish it and want to protect it and look after it. We can better understand the importance of it.

On the 23rd September, we have just had the Equinox. In the southern hemisphere, it is the Spring Equinox, in the north, the Autumn Equinox. So in the next week, I challenge you to connect back with nature in a way that doesn’t normally fit into your life.

Equinox Rituals for the New Seasons

Try one of the below Equinox celebrations to connect back to the natural world and to honour this time in our year where the center of the sun and the center of the earth (the equator) align. It was revered in ancient times as a sacred time to honour our planet and to honour our natural world.

Five Equinox Celebrations for the South Hemisphere and the North Hemisphere:

Hiking out in Nature

  • Dig out your garden or your pot plants and plant beautiful flowers or next season’s vegetables. Touching the dirt is so incredibly healthy – both physically for the healthy microbes in it and energetically for the connection it brings you.
  • Choose a recipe you’ve never cooked. Choosing in-season organic ingredients is even better (!). Invite friends or family around to share the meal. Enjoy sourcing the ingredients and cooking to nourish you and your family and friends.
  • Ask for blessings. Light a candle if you like and call upon anyone you work with to guide you on your path ahead. You may also call upon the earth or nature for assistance. Set your intentions for the coming Spring or Autumn Season.
  • Walk in the fresh air, climb that mountain or swim in an ocean or a river and embrace the beauty and the power of the natural world. Or perhaps just sit outside to notice the natural beauty around you and watch the leaves in the wind or feel the sun on your face.
  • Pray for peace. In a world out of balance, praying for peace and stability – including a stable climate for the season ahead – can be especially potent during this time.

If you want to discover more about natural healing or get guidance and help with your health issues book an Energy Healing appointment with me by email at any time.

Have a wonderful October.

Rachael Ann

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