How to Change your Life – An Activity to be Something Greater

How to Change your Life – An Activity to be Something Greater

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November Full Moon Newsletter

October 25 update.

Try this activity If you want to change your life and change who you are, or change the circumstances in your life…

Change your Life

I did an activity a few years ago at a spiritual retreat which asked you to define who you are.

The activity started by asking yourself who are you?

I am…

So who are you?

Write a list of 10-15 things that you are. Starting with “I am…”. Things that really define who you are and what you are perceived as in this world.

Maybe it is: I am a mother/father, I am a (insert your profession here), I am (insert your hobby you like), I am a friend. You can write anything that comes to mind that you feel best describes who you are. Now do this activity before reading on… Go on, actually write them down. 10-15 things that you think define who you really are. Write whatever it is you think that best describes you.

steps to change your life

Ready to change your life?

OK, so you’ve got your list, right? Now, what if you had to give these things up? Think about if you are no longer these things.

Of course, instantly we have resistance to this. No, I can’t give these up! These are me. This is who I am. But think about it – if you had to give up these definitions of you. If you were no longer these things or defined by these things, what would you be? You want to change your life remember.

If you want to be greater than who you are. If you want to change your life. How can you, if you are stuck in the pattern of believing these things define you? If you believe that is what you are? Are these things really the core of who you are? Are these things only what you are? If you have a resistance of letting go of some more than others, think about those ones. Why can’t you give up those definitions? Think about what it is in that description that defines you. That role or character you play in life. Is it an enjoyable one?

We need to change our thoughts

Ready to change? Let's go.

How can you be better, or create something grander when you define these as the important aspects of who you are? Can you change your life if you are stuck in these patterns? We need to change our thinking to change who we are or who we can become. Are you willing to change into something more?

Of course, we often don’t need to give up all of who we are to move forward. But sometimes that character of who we are creates how we act and relate to others in our other roles too. This stops us from being able to be or do other things. Do any of these “characters” stop you from being something different to how you see or want your life to progress or change? Do any of them box you into something which stops you from changing or growing? Is it blocking the change you want to see in your life?

If we want to change our lives we need to define ourselves as something different. We need to see ourselves as something different and to change our thoughts and beliefs about who we are and what we can really achieve. So, who are you now? Write a new list with the things you’d like to be. How would you like to be defined? See my examples below for some ideas. Maybe this time you can also list traits of the kind of person and interactions you’d like to have too.

Examples of an old list:

  • I am Rachael
  • I am a healer
  • I am a scientist
  • I am a teacher
  • I am a daughter
  • I am a sister
  • I am a dancer
  • I am a lover
  • I am a friend
  • I am Australian
  • I am a woman

Examples of your new list:

  • I am the best me I can be each day
  • I am fun to be around
  • I am a joyful person
  • I am open to change
  • I am intelligent and easily solve my problems
  • I am a magnificent friend
  • I am a caring compassionate mother
  • I am a kind, considerate person
  • I am loving my career
  • I am someone who shares my gifts and talents with the world
  • I am open to all the gifts this universe has to offer

What if this new list better defined who you really are or will become. If you let this new list help define you, who your real character can become, then you start to actually change your life. And it opens you to flexibility and the possibility to allow change. Put this new list somewhere where you can see it regularly. Add to it as you need. Look over it, and think about it on a regular basis. This helps you believe these new traits are you. Read it and remind yourself this is who you really are (think affirmations even if it’s not true yet). You are working towards this new you.

If you need help with breaking down any old beliefs or blocks of who you are, consider an Energy Healing appointment to help you make mental shifts and to change your life for the better.

Can Energy Healing help me?

Have a wonderful November.

Rachael Ann


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